12:00pm ~ 1:00pm  -  Richard  Jackson - POP DANCE

1:05pm ~ 2:05pm  -  Ian McKenzie - STREET STYLE JAZZ FUNK

2:10pm ~ 3:10pm  -  Jessica Castro - HEELS

3:15pm ~ 4:15pm  -  Noel Bajandas - WAACKING

4:20pm ~ 5:20pm  -  Denzel Chisolm - HIP HOP

5:25pm ~ 6:25pm  -  Miguel Zarate - JAZZ FUNK

SUNDAY   5/17 


12:00pm ~ 1:00pm  -  Brukwine - CARIBBEAN INSPIRED DANCE WORKOUT

1:05pm ~ 2:05pm  -  Cassidy Noblett - JAZZ FUNK

2:10pm ~ 3:10pm  -  Rhapsody - COMMERCIAL DANCE 

3:15pm ~ 4:15pm  -  Bianca Brewton - RIDE OUT

4:20pm ~ 5:20pm  -  Erica Sobol - CONTEMPORARY



Each class will take place on The Little Big Dance Help Private IG live. Each choreographer will Log on to The Little Big Dance Help Private IG live for their time slot. There will be a 5 minute break between each class. All you have to do is jump back on our IG Live for your next class. Drink some water and get back to dancing!

In order to gain access to The Little Big Dance Help Private IG live you must make your donation first. Once your donation has been received we will send you a URL link to our Instagram page. When making your donation please include the Instagram handle you will be using to take class. This will be your personal code for us to accept you to our page. Brandy and Victor thank you in advance for your kindness and participation in this Dance-athon. We look forward to dancing with you.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact 

Date and Schedule on our registration page at