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With a career as colorfully varied as the Inca textiles from his native country, Victor Rojas’ emergence as one of Peru’s most valuable exports isn’t a question of possibility, but rather a matter of inevitability.

While the discovery and nurturing of his talents can be traced back to his early childhood in Lima, Victor’s move to America proved to be a pivotal moment in his ongoing development as a multifaceted artist.

The first half of the 90s gave us grunge music, the internet and the debut of a young Victor Rojas as a leading actor with his starring role as Juanito in 1995’s Max Is Missing. Set in Peru, the film provided an opportunity for Victor to return to his birthplace as an early achiever of the proverbial American Dream.

And there is a string of achievements --- starring in movies, performing at Super Bowl XXXVIII with Janet Jackson and the MTV Awards tribute to Michael Jackson, appearing on the cover of Dance Magazine and choreographing videos for Grammy nominated songs --- and each of these wish list goals have hard earned check marks next to them.


He has come a long way since those early days, but he will be the first to tell you that he still has miles to go.

Impressive accomplishments aside, Victor continues to be an inspiration with his pursuit of new artistic endeavors and much like his first ever job as an extra in a RuPaul video, Victor has recently stated that he is going “Back To My Roots.” --- a curious declaration indeed. Is he going back to acting? Is he going back to Peru? While his intentions aren’t yet explicitly clear, you can be sure that he will excel in his efforts. It isn’t a question of possibility, but rather a matter of inevitability. 

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