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I’ve decided to start my Zoom Virtual Classroom. With Zoom I can see everyone taking the class. I can asses how the choreography is being approached. I can give notes and personalized instruction. We can have a real dialogue about the work we are doing, asking and answering questions too and from each other. 

Class Schedule

Every Thursday Open Level and Asian Time Zone Adv/Beginner Level.

Fridays Beginner level.

Check me out at the VMA's with Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. An honor and a blast. Get in !!!
Check me out in Lady Gaga's music video for "STUPID LOVE".
Excited to announce my “Halucinate” jazzfunk choreography is on @musynctv platform. For only $7.99 you can work on yourself when you can’t make my regular classes. Log on to create an account and look for me under Get Classes / [106] Jazz Funk choreography. Get to dancing and prepare to be challenged


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Watch Victor's Perfomance​ Video


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