The Little Big Dance Help is a fundraiser Dance- athon to help feed America during the Covid-19 pandemic.

SAT MAY 16th  &  SUN MAY 17th

In a time of uncertainty, a little goes a long way. America, unfortunately, has always had families who struggle to have regular and decent meals. Thankfully we have always had programs like food banks that offer resources and support to these families. However, due to Covid-19, an overwhelmingly larger number of people are relying on food banks to feed their families. My dear friend Brandy Lamkin and I, Victor Rojas have come up with “The Little Big Dance Help”, as an effort to help feed America.


Our goal is to raise money for Feeding America, an organization whose mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.

We are having a two day Dance-athon. A minimum donation of $20 ( NO MAXIMUM. FEEL FREE TO DONATE ) will give you access to a weekend full of dance filled with 11 incredible choreographers.

You choose which class you want to attend on that day.  Take one class or take all the classes, you choose. 100% of all donations will go to Feeding AmericaAs we lend our spirit and passion for dance we can simultaneously uplift the spirit and heart beat of our American families.   


Please reach in your hearts and join us on Saturday, May 16th & Sunday, May 17th 2020 starting at 12 Noon ( LA TIME ) through a private IG Live page. Once you have made your donation we will give you access to the weekend of classes. 

Our choreographers are


Richard Jackson,  Ian Mckenzie,  Jessica Castro,  Noel Bajandas,  Denzel Chisolm,  Miguel Zarate

Brukwine (Tavia & Tamara),  Cassidy Noblett,  Rhapsody,  Bianca Brewton,  Erica Sobol

Sometimes all you need is a LITTLE to make someone feel A LOT. We hope to see you at the The Little Big Dance Help.  America thanks you.  Families who are hungry thank you, and Brandy and Victor thank you.




SAT MAY 16th

Starting at 12 Noon (LA Time)

SUN MAY 17th

Starting at 12 Noon(LA Time)



12:00pm ~ 1:00pm  -  Richard  Jackson

                             POP DANCE

1:05pm ~ 2:05pm  -  Ian McKenzie


2:10pm ~ 3:10pm  -  Jessica Castro


3:15pm ~ 4:15pm  -  Noel Bajandas


4:20pm ~ 5:20pm  -  Denzel Chisolm

               HIP HOP

5:25pm ~ 6:25pm  -  Miguel Zarate

            JAZZ FUNK


12:00pm ~ 1:00pm  -  Brukwine

                              CARIBBEAN INSPIRED

                              DANCE WORKOUT

 1:05pm ~ 2:05pm  -  Cassidy Noblett

                JAZZ FUNK

 2:10pm ~ 3:10pm  -  Rhapsody

             COMMERCIAL DANCE 

 3:15pm ~ 4:15pm  -  Bianca Brewton

             RIDE OUT

 4:20pm ~ 5:20pm  -  Erica Sobol


Find the time difference between your city / country with the time zone converter.


Each class will take place on The Little Big Dance Help Private IG Live. Each choreographer will Log on to The Little Big Dance Help IG Live for their time slot. There will be a 5 minute break between each class. All you have to do is jump back on our IG Live for your next class. Drink some water and get back to dancing!

In order to gain access to The Little Big Dance Help IG Live you must make your donation through Venmo or PayPal  first. Once your donation has been received we will send you a URL link to our Instagram page. When making your donation please include the Instagram handle you will be using to take class. This will be your personal code for us to accept you to our page. (***Venmo does NOT ALLOW payment on desktops. Venmo payment must be made on mobile device through App.  ***For PayPal please scroll up or down to find Notes section on payment page)

Brandy and Victor thank you in advance for your kindness and participation in this Dance-athon. We look forward to dancing with you!


A minimum donation of $20 ( NO MAXIMUM. FEEL FREE TO DONATE ) will give you full access to our two day Dance-athon!

Donations accepted by Venmo and PayPal.. Please include the Instagram handle you will be using to take class when you're making your donation.

Venmo does NOT ALLOW payment on desktops. Venmo 

payment must be made on mobile device through App.

Please scroll up or down to find Notes Section on payment page.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact 

Founder / Creator / Director

Brandy Lamkin

​Victor Rojas